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Experienced artist, illustrator, and designer in the television, film and video game industries. Three-time award-nominated comic book illustrator (Eisner Award, Harvey Award and Comics Buyers Guide).


HOUSE OF COOL 2022--present

Storyboard Artist

  • Working as a storyboard artist on “The Freak Brothers” season 2 for House of Cool, airing on Tubi

  • Working heavily in ToonBoom's, “Storyboard Pro”



Illustrator/Art Director

  • Illustrated and did art direction on various designs and environments for a lineup of upcoming NFTs utilizing environmentally friendly practices for

  • Created designs and accessories for an upcoming line up of NFTs for Echo Bridge

  • Illustrated a number of characters for “CryptoKitties” from Dapper Labs


SKETCHY, LLC 2021—2022


  • Worked with Sketchy as an illustrator to design simple concept artwork to aid medical students in their educational pursuits



Character Designer/Concept Artist

  • Worked briefly creating designs for an upcoming, unannounced "Lego" television program

  • Created concepts, turnarounds, as well as full-color illustrations of characters



Storyboard Artist

  • Currently working as a storyboard artist on an unannounced Preschool cartoon with Animasia Animation in conjunction with Age of Learning

  • Working heavily in ToonBoom's, “Storyboard Pro”

PRINCESS PICTURES, Australia 2021--2021

Storyboard Artist

  • Worked as a storyboard artist on an unannounced Adult Swim cartoon with Princess Pictures

  • Worked heavily in ToonBoom's, “Storyboard Pro”

TITMOUSE ANIMATION, Burbank, CA 2020--2020

Storyboard Revisionist

  • Revised storyboards, created new storyboards, and put characters on-model with Titmouse Animation for “Chicago Party Aunt” which will air on Netflix

  • Also worked briefly for their “Special Projects” division on an internal pitch utilizing Adobe Animate/Flash

  • Worked heavily in ToonBoom's, “Storyboard Pro”

CBS, Manhattan, NY 2020—2020

Character Designer

  • Created character designs for the CBS show, “Tooning Out The News”

  • Worked heavily in Photoshop while also breaking up the designs for animation

VARIOUS CLIENTS, Pasadena, Ca 2015--2019

Freelance Illustrator

  • Created product designs based on the Greek Gods to be used on decorative wristbands for Zox

  • Created various character designs for “CryptoKitties” collectible BlockChain game

  • Created illustrations for “” website

  • Created various character designs for Emerald Create utilizing Photoshop and Illustrator based on 3D models for an upcoming animated film in the Chinese market.

ODDBOT ANIMATION, Glendale, Ca 2019—2019

Storyboard Revisionist

  • Revised and created storyboards at Oddbot Animation for “Muppet Babies” short-term

  • Worked exclusively in Storyboard Pro creating rough boards

BENTO BOX ENTERTAINMENT, North Hollywood, Ca 2019—2019

Storyboard Artist

  • Created storyboards at Bento Box Entertainment for Amy Poehler's animated series, “Duncanville”

  • Worked exclusively in Storyboard Pro creating rough and clean-up boards

AGE OF LEARNING, INC., Glendale, Ca 2018—2019

Senior Artist

  • Created various mini-game, educational assets utilizing Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

WILDWORKS, Salt Lake City, UT 2015--2017

Marketing Illustrator

  • Illustrated characters, crafts and activities for kids at Wildworks for the online game "Animal Jam" and the mobile game, "Play Wild".

  • Responsible for creating many of the game's advertising campaigns including seasonal as well as holiday banners, spot illustrations, and "Look of the Week" characters based on children's in-game avatars.


California Institute of the Arts – Candidate, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Character Animation

Ohio University, Bachelor of Science in Communications




Character Design


Classical Animation


World of Quest—Creator and Screenwriter


Muppet Babies

Tooning Out The News

Chicago Party Aunt

The Smiling Friends

Unannounced “Lego” show

The Freak Brothers


Fast 5

The Barnyard

Cats and Dogs


Storyboard Pro

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Flash

Adobe Premiere

Adobe After Effect



Animal Jam


Monster Quest

Kingdom Age Book of Ashes

Animal Jam

Dino Life


Ratatouille: Food Frenzy

AMF Extreme Bowling

Star Trek: Tactical Assault

Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos

Master of Orion 3

Cashflow 101

Cashflow 202

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